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Natural Gas Fire Pits and Fire Tables

Enjoying an outdoor campfire in your own backyard is made possible with a natural gas fire pit or gas fire table installed by Maxwell’s Plumbing and Heating.

Experience the comfort and ambience of sitting around a fire with family and friends while still complying with local regulations, any time of the year. Both gas fire pits and fire tables provide heat without the need to chop wood, endure the smoky smell or avoid dangerous embers. Placing a gas fire pit or fire table in a location with no overhanging branches or placing it atop gravel will provide optimum safety. Your Maxwell’s Plumbing and Heating technician can help you choose the optimum location for your new natural gas fire pit or natural gas fire table, by running an underground natural gas line to your desired location.

Natural gas fire pits and fire tables are a beautiful addition to any backyard patio and add monetary value to your property, while still being affordable. Upgrading your outdoor living space will lengthen the summer season and a variety of styles and dimensions are available to compliment your outdoor decor.

Let Maxwell’s Plumbing and Heating work with you to plan and install a Natural Gas Fire Pit or Gas Fire Table in your outdoor living space!

    Professional Natural Gas Fire Pit and Table Solutions.

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