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Natural Gas Patio Heater Installation

Natural Gas Patio Heaters are an excellent way to prolong the enjoyment of your outdoor living area well into the cooler months.

Natural Gas Patio Heaters installed by Maxwell’s Plumbing and Heating provide comforting heat for outside spaces and are available in a variety fo styles and prices to suit your outdoor space and budget.

Patio heaters are safe and dependable as well as energy efficient. Permanent overhead patio heaters can be placed horizontally under eves and along walls to ensure year round comfort and even heat dispersal. Portable heaters connected to a natural gas line installed by Maxwell’s Plumbing and Heating are another choice and can be placed anywhere to provide optimum heat. Natural Gas is lighter than air and dissipates quickly making it a much safer option than propane heaters. Convenience with just the flick of a switch, natural gas patio heaters become a safe, convenient and affordable way to maximize the use of your outdoor space or patio.

Let Maxwell’s Plumbing and Heating work with you to plan and install the right Natural Gas Patio Heater for your outdoor living space!

    Professional Natural Gas Patio Heater Solutions.

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