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Furnace Annual Maintenance

At Maxwell’s Plumbing & Heating Ltd. our professional, well trained employees are available at your convenience in Surrey and Langley for annual maintenance or repairs on your furnace.

Our technicians drive well stocked vans in order to complete their services as efficiently as possible in the Langley and Surrey area.During routine furnace checkups our employees will check the filter, pilot light, burner operation, condensation drain and more, ensuring all parts are working as they should. They will inspect for sealed connections, cracks, loose connections and blockages throughout your furnace system.

In addition we will check for carbon monoxide around the furnace, which is important maintaining your safety. Your Maxwell’s Plumbing and Heating Ltd. technician will answer any questions and concerns you may have concerning your furnace. They will also inform you of newer options if the furnace you have is older and inefficient.

At Maxwell’s Plumbing and Heating Ltd. your comfort and safety is always our first concern and we strive to provide the best and most efficient service we can.

Contact us today to let Maxwell’s Plumbing and Heating Ltd. perform your annual furnace maintenance!

    Professional Furnace Maintenance Solutions.

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