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The debate ‘heats up’ as conventional hot water tanks continue to be challenged by on-demand or tankless water heaters.

Before making a decision on how to heat the water in your home, various factors must be considered including water capacity, energy efficiency, initial dollar investment and long-term savings, space and availability of parts.

Essentially, it is important to understand the demands and expectations you have for your hot water supply before making a decision that will affect your daily comfort, monthly bills and yearly maintenance.

Here is a basic comparison and some general information for the two options:

HOT WATER TANKS (conventional)

  • constantly stores heated water, regardless of amount of use
  • less expensive to supply and install
  • higher energy bills, due to hot water storage
  • takes up more space
  • 40 and 50 gallon models typical for residential use
  • available in gas or electric
  • good for steady, high-use demands (including suites)
  • some rebates available
  • if the power goes out, hot water is still available until the storage tank is empty
  • efficiency can vary between makes, models and fuel source


  • instantly provides continuous hot water
  • more expensive to supply and install
  • lower energy bills, due to better efficiency
  • uses less space, hangs on wall & frees up floor space
  • uses up to 30% less energy than conventional hot water tanks
  • ideal for families and couples where water demands are known (not suites)
  • but if the power goes out, so does the hot water!!
  • longer life span
  • more expensive parts
  • some rebates available

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