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Don’t touch that dial. Not yet, until your heating system has had its annual maintenance and service inspection.

Why the importance? Whether you have a forced air furnace or a hot water hydronic heating system to heat your home, before turning up the heat, turn to a professional, licensed heating technician.

Annual maintenance helps maintain peak operation and efficiency, helps troubleshoot issues and fixes complex problems. Also, a licensed heating technician can address health and safety concerns, increasing the lifespan of your heating unit. Most importantly, annual maintenance can prevent unexpected breakdowns in colder weather and prevent costly repairs.

As any type of gas appliance burns fuel to produce heat, proper ventilation of combustion gases is essential. Improper ventilation can result in potentially dangerous carbon monoxide leaks and poisoning. An annual maintenance inspection will check for gas and carbon monoxide leaks, blockages, corrosion and damage to the heat exchanger. As a result, proper ignition, maximum efficiency and environmental consideration of your existing unit will be ensured.

An annual furnace or boiler inspection is quick and inexpensive. Peace of mind is priceless when considering the comfort, health and safety of your family and home.

Need a new furnace? We install the quietest furnaces available on the market. Remember, not all new furnaces are the same, the same as with buying a car. Quality of installation, make, model, efficiency, fan noise level and features can increase or decrease the cost. Cheaper is not necessarily better and essentially, you get what you pay for. We also install boilers, hot water tanks and on-demand hot water heaters in the mid and high efficiency varieties!

MAXWELL’S Plumbing & Heating Ltd. services ALL makes and models of furnaces, boilers, in-floor radiant heating systems and hot water tanks, regardless of who installed it originally. Know when NOT to Do-It-Yourself. Hire a licensed contractor with the BC Safety Authority.

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