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Thinking about buying new plumbing fixtures? Perhaps a kitchen or bathroom faucet, shower head, toilet, or sink?

Everybody loves a deal. Yet, we often get calls from customers who have bought products that look beautiful and are a great price, but are sometimes a challenge to repair and may even need to be replaced … again!

Why? Replacement parts for certain low-end, poor quality fixtures may be non-existent, difficult to acquire or very expensive to ship. Unnecessary repairs due to poor quality will also add on additional labour costs, not to mention inconvenience. Unfortunately, the few dollars you initially save may cost you the same, or more down the road.

So how to choose quality plumbing fixtures?

Where? Check where it is made and accessibility of parts for future repairs.
Brand? Choose a reputable brand.
CSA approved? CSA tests and certifies products primarily for the Canadian market, to applicable Canadian standards.

So make the right choice the first time. A few extra dollars spent initially on better quality fixtures can save a lot of time and money down the road. Again, the old adage often rings true “You get what you pay for”.

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